Make –up studio launches a new makeup Candy shop

With 25 years of experience Make-up studio is well known within the professional make –up branch. The brand has over 50 stores worldwide and counting. Now Make up studio launched their first Brand Store in Amstelveen. It is a walhalla with all the beauty items you could ever want. From foundations, to skincare, eyeshadow, lipsticks, party makeup and must haves. A true  candy shop for women… 

The best thing? You can scan the QR codes in the shop, for a how –to on your phone. Also the ipads on the wall help you to choose the perfect match in color and products for you. There is a photo studio in the back of the shop where you can have a full make-up session, a touch up or a ‘quick fix’ make-up advise. Have your new look filmed on camera so you’ll  be able to work it at home.

Have a peek:

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