F+ Beauty Make up store event at Jimmy Whoo

Launch Make up store EXTREME 2010 / 2011

Yesterday evening was the launch of make up store newest look EXTREME at the renewed Jimmy Whoo. The club was filled with Beauty and fashion minded people waiting for the fashion show to start. Cocktails and refreshments were served. A vibrant show ended with a performance by Mischu Laikah, and a dance party.

Make up store EXTREME

Inspired by the unknown and what lies ahead of us, the look Extreme has no boundaries.
Extreme is spectacular, and will take you to a place you have never seen before!

Smokey eyes in nuances of green, brown, turquoise and black define the look and false lashes enhance the eyes. Luminous skin with orange soft nude or vibrant berry lips sets the trend to this intense and powerful look.

You can be creative, because BEAUTY HAS NO LIMITS!   



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