Tip: Key make up tips for photographs

When applying make up for photography always keep in mind what kind of pictures will be taken. There are different kinds of techniques used for portraits,  beauty shoots and  fashion magazines.

It does not matter if photographs are taken indoors or outdoors. The most important rule is that the foundations must exactly match the skin tone. With outdoor photography what you see is what you get. The lightning outdoors is unforgiving. For indoor photography, the amount of make up you apply depends on the lightning.

Working for magazines:
It is important to understand the style of the magazine, and to get input from the photographer, editor, and stylist on the shoot. If there is a photo assistant he or she will be able to let you know if something is not right. They have the best view.

Working in fashion:
If you are working with a designer, be a good observer. Look at the clothes and try to understand what the designer wants to radiate. Always ask about the designers vision for the make up.

Make up for Portraits / musicians:
The person in front of you must feel comfortable, so keep the look clean and simple.
Unless something different is asked for, don’t stray to far from his or her style.


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