Makeup store spring look 2011 PIXEL

A few weeks ago I was invited to the Make Up Store press event to see the presentation of their vibrant new Spring look, ‘Pixel’. The colors are fantastic, bright, playful and vivid, perfect for Spring’11.

Pixel is the playful and colorful look of the spring. It’s graphical, artistic and explores new exciting shapes of makeup.

So, why not lead the way and define your eyes with vibrant colors of orange, green and yellow in futuristic silhouettes. Natural but well shaped brows and black mascara enhances the eyes. Lips are given a shade of soft pink.

Bring out the makeup artist in you!

My favorites are  the eye dust pots, they are sparkly, and stay perfectly in place. The Twin Gloss Lead is a very forward, as it is a tube within a tube. When you squeeze from the bottom you’ll get clear sparkly gloss and if squeezed from the middle you’ll get subtle lead tinge.



Base Prep provides the skin with vitamins, antioxidants and a mild pearly reflection for a radiant and transparent complexion. Infused with sunblock, the smoothing texture visually erase small skin defects, redness and pigmentation spots. Apply on to face prior foundation. For all skin types.


A new product gruop within the lipgloss assortment. A new applicator is attached for an easy appliance.The smooth and luscious formula is enriched with moisturizing vitamine E and nourishing jojoba oil. Tulip, peony and Rose are the first to launch! 

The Pixel range will be available to purchase from March 2011.

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