Manage Your Mani at Dashing Diva in New York

More than just the “tools” by which we work and play, our hands and feet are an important form of self-expression and presentation. They are also essential elements of good grooming. In the past, manicures and pedicures have often been viewed as highly indulgent luxuries out of the reach of most people’s pocketbooks.

Dashing Diva, the world’s first nail spa and boutique, have one key aim – to deliver the highest quality, most innovative nail care products and services to the maximum amount of people around the globe in a convenient, affordable and fun manner.

From New York to Tokyo, here’s what you’ll find at every Dashing Diva location around the globe:

 The MANHATTAN Lacquer Collection in 100 of the most beautiful fashion-forward shades imaginable. 

Dashing Diva very own branded products in professional quality formulae unheard of in the nail salon industry.
The revolutionary new Virtual Nails – a breakthrough technology, full cover nail that looks like a natural nail, only perfect.

Highly-skilled and Dashing Diva trained nail technicians; Junior, Senior and Master level specialists well-versed in service techniques and nail care, as well as, the latest high-end artistic techniques 


So, even if it’s from the constant tapping on your Blackberry, for polish as strong as your work ethic, go to a Dashing Diva salon for a Gel life manicure. The salons replace traditional lacquer with two coats of gel heated under a UV light for high-shine results that last two weeks.

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