Margaret Dabbs Footcare London

Renowned celebrity foot expert Margaret Dabbs is quite a celebrity herself. About 10 years ago she set up her own foot clinic. Her amazing products have achieved cult status almost overnight, and these and her Clinics are regularly featured in the beauty press and are visited by celebrities and professionals alike.

Developed through years of experience the Margaret Dabbs range of organic emu oil products have the unique feature of being both treatment remedies and luxurious beautifying products.

Try these and you will never use anything else on your feet again!!!

I’ve been able to experience the Intensive hydrating foot lotion and the intensive Treatment Foot Oil.
I love my monthly pedicure’s but would be able to last without it using Margaret Dabbs ‘high end’ foot care.

The best Foot Cream Award Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion is  astonishing – a Lotion designed by Margaret Dabbs that truly does all the things you want it to!  With the use of Emu Oil this lotion gives results even beyond your expectations. It penetrates the dermal layers and moisturizes, replenishes and revitalizes the skin, leaving the feet illuminated, refreshed and light.


You really will never use anything different again.

The Intensive Treatment Foot Oil is a lovely dry oil. The combination of Emu Oil and natural ingredients can be applied to the skin of the feet and nails to give long lasting and effective relief from dehydrated, cracked and broken skin and nails.

It can be used daily for over-dry skin, or weekly as a luxury treatment to maintain the beauty of the feet. Amazing results are achieved instantly, with long lasting effect.

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