Mascara the “Basic Black Dress” in Cosmetics.

The Power Of Mascara

Everyone knows that the “basic black dress” can be worn for a variety of occasions, formal and semi-formal, and even  casual. Mascara is always there, always in style. A black dress is timeless in it’s fashion, and mascara, too, is never out of date.

Just as that black dress is versatile, matching everything and infinitely malleable to the situation in a variety of styles, mascara, too offers a great deal of versatility and options.

Using mascara properly as a member of your beauty repertoire can easily enhance your most attractive feature: Your eyes! The fact that it can be used along to affect a significant change in your look, enough to secure mascara as the “basic black dress” of cosmetics.

 Choose wisely and keep your eyes wide open!

My favorites:

This rich and creamy formula turns ordinary lashes into dramatic, voluptuous and bold lashes in just a single brush stoke. The patented Capisphere delivery system delivers all-important nutrients to the lashes. Bigger, Bolder, Voluptuous!

Laura Mercier’s Thickening and Building Mascara is a luxurious mascara that gives lashes a magnified, voluminous look without any clumping. The brush is designed to beautifully curl & separate the lashes, and it contains no fibers os fillers.

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Body Volume Mascara creates full-bodied, high volume lashes in a single stroke. The oversized, full-contact Convex Brush has an s-shaped curve that grasps and loads lashes for a fanned out, full-bodied fringe.

Tip: Wear two different mascara at the same time. Start with a lengthening and build it up with a thickening mascara!

Have fun!


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