Medik8 launches Growth factor serum

Medik8 serum is perfectly designed for all skin types, and the newest age reversing serum for those who desire younger looking skin. And don’t we all. It’s a youth serum that contains EFG (Triple Filtered Epidermal Growth) Well known for its ability to regenerate skin cells, for instance helping with the cure of wounds.

EFG also concentrates on the increase of  healthy skin cells stimulating the collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. Does eternal youth in a bottle really exist? Probably not, but due to EFG this products will have your skin looking and feeling fresh and healthy in no time.

Use the growth factor directly on the skin, during day or nighttime after cleansing. The titanium dermaroller enhances absorption of the serum, and also helps to smooth wrinkles, lines and crow feet.


For more information about how to use the dermaroller prior to growth factor, check

Medik8 is also available thru

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