Mizani Supreme oil and D’tangle leave in spray

I am a huge fan of Mizani hair product as they keep my bangs perfectly in shiny shape. Now you can discover the versatility of Mizani’s newest products.

The Supreme oil is a treatment for hair and skin. It is composed of eight oils obtained from 99% natural naturally-derived formula with 8 natural oils like Sesame, Jojoba, Almond, avocado, Apricot, Olive fruit, Sunflower and Argan oil. What I love about it? Its non greasy and weight down your hair. unlike silicones and mineral oil that only lay on the hair’s surface. The Oil helps to improve the elasticity of the hair and creates silky, shiny hair and suitable for dark and mixed hair types. Last but not least: Its silicone, mineral oil and paraben-free.

Who doesn’t want a quick detangle in the morning?

Mizani’s D’Tangle is formulated with Mizani’s exclusive herbal-extract blend, plus fortifying panthenol and antioxidants. This moisturizing leave-in spray detangles the hair and absorbs into each strand. If your hair is sensitive this is a perfect tool. It helps to smooth split ends and breakage and protects the hair when using a flat iron or hair dryer and any friction when brushing or combing, allowing greater manageability and protects against heat-styling stress during blow drying. D’Tangle is ideal for all hair types.


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