Moroccanoil extend range of fizz free hair products

I am a huge fan of maroccanoil, and not because anyone is telling me so say so, no, just because they aim to do what it says on the back of the package. The products are used backstage at fashion shows, in hair salons like Chokka’s hair centre, THE hairdresser for black hair in Amsterdam.

From products for dry or oily hair scalps, like the new dry scalp treatment to products for split ends, and lovely serums to keep that hair bouncy, shiny and fizz free. Think Arganoil combined with calming lavender for ichy scalps, and Argan oil with gingeroil that hepls against greasy scalps.

If you have curls then you could try the curl defining cream or the control mousse. Both products aim to give definition to curls, without feeling heavy on the hair, and without the stickiness.

The shine spray is one of my favourites, especially on a night out. Then finishing the look with the luminous hairspray with a strong yet flexible hold.

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