My favorite curly hair routine: What is yours?

One of the most questions I receive is: “What products do you use for your curls and how do you style it? I rarely go to work with my curls so the few times that I do people always tell me to never use a flat iron again!

Since not many articles or magazines review products for black, mixed, Mediterranean or curly hair, I always seek for the best products myself and try out a lot.

After a long search I have found my ‘curl-routine’: Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, Blended Beauty curly frizz pudding and Nioxin Pomade.

My routine:

1. Before blow-drying my hair I measure two or three drop Mixed Chicks and apply it evenly throughout my hair (towel dry hair) from the scalp until the ends of my hair.
2. To moisturize my curls I apply two drops of BB Frizz Pudding and also apply it throughout my hair (tip: separate your hair into sections to provide maximum coverage of both conditioners)
3. For maximum volume I always blow-dry my hair upside down, especially for my hair closest to the scalp. I keep a distance of 6-10 inched to prevent heat damage.
4. I leave my hair a little bit damp to leave in some moisture and to prevent frizzy or damages curls. (tip: maintain this distance and don’t focus too long on one spot to prevent heat damage and dry out of your hair).
5. I let the rest of my hair dry naturally.
6. Before leaving I use a small amount of Nioxin Pomade and knead my hair for extra volume and soft fixation.
7. To produce a healthy shiny look I finish my routine with the Nioxin Glossing Color Shield and lock in my shine with a blast of cold air!

Extra tips for curls: 

– Volume: prevent using too much conditioner on your scalp as it softens your hair and leads to less volume on the roots
– Anti-frizzy: prevent frizzy ends by applying extra conditioner. Also use cold air from your blow dryer or let your ends dry naturally in the air.

 The results:

 A woman’s like a rose; if you treat her right, she’ll bloom, if you don’t, she’ll wilt…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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