My Hannah Xperience Part I

I would now like to share with you my new journey and personal mission: My Hannah Xperience and finding the  solution for my skin problem.

 Who is Hannah?

Hannah Hakze started in 1979 with a mission “it’s not about what you do for you skin, but how you do it”. Nowadays, Hannah is a specialist in skin therapy with many years of experience and pioneer of the revolutionary, scientific-proven and patented, connective tissue massage as an unique concept! An effective action plan for visible and long-term skin improvement.

In her life she has successfully shared her knowledge and passion with others and wrote two books, of which I really recommend “Give your skin a chance”. Hannah passed away in 2006 at the age of 52 and left her lifework in hands of Monica van Ee.

My skin problem

Since I deal with a skin problem for more than two years, I don’t believe it is a coincidence  that I met Monica van Ee at the Beauty Astir 2012. I have an irritated area on my chin for which I have been to the dermatologist, beauty salons and really tried everything. Unfortunately…nothing helped and nobody can give it a name.

My Hannah Xperience

Therefore, I really felt the need to share my Hannah Xperience with you. I went to the Hannah clinique and started with the following skin condition:

Moisture content: 32 (ideal: 60+)

Fat content: 33 (ideal: 40-60)

PH-value: 5.8 (ideal 4.5-5.5)

Conclusion: not so good.  I underwent the Hannah Xperience and I must is really an Experience!

Before starting with the treatment, my skin coach took close-up pictures of every part of my skin. These photo’s are not just photo’s, they show your blood circulation and the sun damage. Next, I had to take of my shoes, my hair was wrapped up and my body was covered with towels. Professional and clean I must say.

It starts with a thorough cleansing followed by an enzymatic skin peeling. My skin coach warned me it would itch and slightly burn which means it is doing its job. Next, a cell active is brought to my skin to stimulate the blood circulation. After the connective tissue massage, the skin coach finished the treatment with the Hannah products, adjusted to my skin condition.

I would recommend everybody the Hannah Xperience or her book “Geef je huid een kans” (Give your skin a chance) for anyone who has love for a flawless skin and a good skin condition.

The following products were selected for me: Cleansing Milk and Sensitive Skin Lotion for a thorough cleansing. The Sparkling Spray should be sprayed before applying my day or night cream. This spray contains an extreme high concentration Aloe Vera which improves the transport of important ingredients for skin improvement.

: less cream is needed to achieve the same effect. And the Fade Cream for during the day and the Remodeling Cream for at night.


The Remodeling Cream contains a high concentration of Vitamin E which is important for the recovery of my problem area on my chin.  I already wanted to buy this cream as I saw a significant improvement of my friends’ skin (dark skin) with no scars at all.  It is known that dark skin is sensitive for pigmentation and scars.

I will have my second Xperience in eight weeks and I will share the before and after photo’s and the condition and improvement of my skin.

You can find more about the Hannah Xperience HERE 

To be continued in April 2012
By Santusha Kana

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