My Hannah Xperience Part II by @SantushaKana

My Hannah Xperience Part II

After two months I am delighted to share the new results of my Hannah journey with you. As elaborated in my previous article I was searching for a solution for my chin problem and in general new skin care products to moisturize my face. After using Hannah cleansing and moisture products, adjusted to my skin condition and needs, hereby my new results:

Moisture content: from 32 to 72 (ideal 60+)  | Fat content: from 33 to 20 (ideal 40-60)| PH-value: from 5.8 to 5.7 (ideal 4.5-5.5)

 First of all, I was very happy with the results of the moisture content. I was given the remodeling cream (with a high percentage of Vitamin E) and the Fade Treatment which not only strengthens the fat and moisture content but also optimized the natural barrier function of the skin.


The fat content decreased a bit but has a logical explanation. In contrast to two months ago, my skin now actually absorbs my day and night cream instead of just laying on my skin. Therefore, less fat is laying ‘on top of my skin’ is lower at this moment but will increase in time. As for my chin, it’s far less irritated and my scars are diminishing slowly.


Conclusion: good improvement of my skin. My moisture content increased to ‘ideal’, my chin is less irritated and my scars are fading.

My advice: Even if you are loyal to your products, I would definitely recommend the Hannah Xperience treatment.
My next experience will be the winner of the Beauty Press Innovation Award 2012: Hannah Touch of Silk.


By Santusha Kana


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