Atelier Cologne – Rose Anonyme & Vetiver Fatal

This autumn, the Atelier Cologne collection expanded with a roses and a vetiver creation. Ingredients such as the Turkish Rose essence and Turkish Rose absolute are not to be taken lightly. But you can become addicted to it because it’s soothing and relaxing. Call it a ‘granny smell’ spiced up with spicy ginger and velvety Old papyrus from India. Rose really is the queen of flowers until another blossom knocks it off its throne…


The Vetiver Fatal is a totally different mysterious ballgame. A little more masculine and sexy as hell. The combination of Cedar and dark Oud are exciting while the Bergamot and Lemon keep it fresh. Violet leaves and black prune giving it a touch of sweetness. Beauty and desire for him and her.

A lovely new non synthetic launch that won’t stink up the elevator and the exact sensation you might be looking for.

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