Cellular Power multi-tasking serum by La Prairie

And what a power serum this is. What it does? It stimulates your skin’s natural antioxidants and sets your skin’s internal sensors on “high alert” to incoming stress and damage.  La Prairie’s newest introduction is a triple threat against aging, ensuring protection, and defense in one extraordinary formula.

What I love about a  good face serum like the cellular power serum is that it deeply penetrates the skin and can be used as a base layer in combination with any skin-care regimen. Keep that up as a daily routine and an extra dose of active ingredients will definitely be coming your way.

Think pigment reduction, a collagen booster and free radical fighting antioxidants. When the skin is younger, the skin sensors function at an optimal level, but as we age skin is susceptible to oxidative stress from toxins and chemicals in the atmosphere. Applying a moisturizer over a serum is always a win –win formula especially when we age. This face serum takes the word –serum- to a whole new pricy level.


Available from March 2013


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