New: Hydrating facial by La Mer – The Home Experience

The La Mer Hydrating Facial is a two-zoned cotton mask saturated with hydrators, anti-aging properties and skin boosters. This trio pack contains  a ultra-moisturizing punch to awaken the skin.

The  ingredients include a special blend of exotic green algae that soak the skin with moisture, marine plant algae which helps to diminish discoloration and the visible signs of aging, melon and avocado plant extracts that work to improve skin texture, and tourmaline. This mask renews skin saturates the skin to reawaken the appearance of youth, and provides a beautiful healthy glow. A perfect at home facial experience.

How to: Always start with clean skin. Unfold Upper Zone mask and the gently apply to upper portion of face, avoiding direct contact with eyes. Then unfold the lower Zone mask and apply to lower portion of the face. Leave it on for eight minutes, and remove . Massage residual treatment into skin.

Use once a week for an intensely moisturizing, luxurious experience.

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