Aesop Reverence Duo

Washing your hands is that hygienic 800 times a day job. Now why not do it in style?

This duo works in synergy that mildly exfoliate hands, and proclaims to clean thoroughly and restore skin balance. The most refreshing thing about the Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash is that it contains finely ground pumice, a mild scrub, while the antiseptic properties of bergamot purifies the skin.

The hand balm contains Bergamot Rind, Vetiver Root, Petitgrain and lactic acid for a mild chemical exfoliation. Seven carefully selected emoliënts, and moisturizing properties ensure sustainable moisturizer, for a healthy, smooth skin.

It is not my favorite fragrance in the world when it comes to Aesop handbalms, a little too woody for me, but it’s nice and rich and absorbs quickly. Next to that it’s very soothing. So, I am not complaining as fall is kicking in and the skin softener is doing its magic.

Never guess an age by looking at a persons face. Look at the hands. They tell the tale… Take care of them.


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