The Rouges Or Collection by Dior

The new Dior Les Rouges Or collection invites you into a world awash in gold, the ultimate symbol of luxury and dreams. Tyen, Dior’s Creative Director for make-up used the color gold to provide the setting for the brand’s emblematic lipsticks and nail varnishes.

Gold reveals the potency of their shades, and like gold powder thrown into crystal fusion to color it red, gold equals refinement; it glimmers with luxury. The beautiful lipstick shades have been infused with a golden powder.

The four limited edition shades: Or Etoilé, Versailles , Belle de Nuit, Nocturne contain a ultra-fine golden powder that does not shimmer like mother-of-pearl but melts like a pigment, revealing all the potency and splendor of the color.

The Or Vernis Collection is  injected with a golden powder as delicate as that of a goldsmith, Dior Vernis cult shades provide shine, intensity and depth. The jewel-like nail varnishes are available in four shades in Or Divin, Exquis, Merveille and Apparat.


Available from the 9th of november 2011

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