Nina Garcia’s -What to wear to….

Every women, at one time or another, has contemplated an all-important job interview, a first date, a formal party, or important presentation and wailed to herself and to her closest friends.

What to wear? In this great look book and fashion guide, style guru Nina Garcia solves this universal quandary with an inspired and unbeatable combination of fashion knowledge and common sense.

She shows us all the pieces and accessories, and the strategies to create the look that will take us from the first day on a job, through the day we meet our boyfriend’s for the first time, to cocktail party ‘s and so on….

You will have all the tips you’ll need to navigate every day looking your best. A great little fashion an little beauty guide!


True style is not about having a closet full of expensive and beautiful things – it is instead about knowing when, where, and how to utilize what you have….

Available at The American bookcenter

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