David Adey’s Intricate Collages Of Pinned Together Magazine Parts

David Adey is the artist behind these intricate pattern pinned art creations made from previous design work. Yes indeed recycled art. Each celebrity limb or fashion savvy lip is delicately cut out, then pinned and pieced together on a foam board, without any digitalized color manipulation. His process, Adey admits, is terribly methodical, time consuming, and detail oriented, however, this is exactly the point. He states, “For me as an artist, it’s a matter of developing or choosing your own constraints. Finding them and embracing them as a tool to make the work.” Echoing a similar sentiment put forth by the father of design himself, Charles Eames, Adey continues: “Without constraints, you don’t have anything. That’s the whole design process — working within constraints.”

Adey_gucci_0 Adey_gucci_01

Adey_gucci_1 Adey_gucci_2

Adey_gucci_3 Adey_gucci_4 Adey_gucci_5

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