Nude or Neon beauty for spring 2013, you decide.

While most women have classic basics like a brown or black eye pencil in their cosmetic bags, this spring you might want to try a more vibrant, exciting look. Why not add a little subtle brightness to an everyday outfit. Spring 2013 runway shows featured electric blues and pinks and yellows, eyeliners and pencils which consists of a bright colored line on the eyelid, and the under eye were not forgotten.

For that lip colour; you don’t want to overdo it, but try both. It’s fun, I assure you. Bright lips like orange, and peach or a matte neon pink if you dare and an accent of brightness on the eyes. Just remember that the shades you use complement each other. People won’t know where to look first with too much flashy clashing neon brightness coming their way.

When it comes to nails  this season, take a break from the regular  French manicure and try a more neutral, nude polish. Or go bold and try a neon French manicure tip.

Can’t decide yet? Find some fun inspiration below.


Have fun!

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