Odin perfume

An experience in scent, form and surface. Odin New York concept store introduces its series with four modern interpretations of time-honored fragrance traditions. Identical amber colored liquids, architectural lines and contrasting finishes are designed to provide a clean slate for each unique creation.

The Story on Nr 1
Under the spice trade routes comes an exotic wealth of rare scents. Nomad attracts rich notes of juniper berries and cedar leaves from the high regions of the Himalayan mountains with mysterious palmarosa and spicy black pepper. Lingering in the air is the warmth of tonka beans blended with the sultry seduction of sandalwood from the West Indian shores.      


01 Nomad Notes
Juniper berries, Himalayan cedarwood, bergamot, palmarosa, black pepper, heliotrope, Tonka bean, West Indian sandalwood, grey musk


The story on Nr 2
From the far ends of the earth comes a fragrance transparent in nature. Owari opens up with rare mandarins from the Japanese province of Owari and freshly crushed grapefruit leaves. The heart consists of the intensely vibrant cubeb pepper and yonkin musk from the Chinese mountains. 


02 Owari Notes
Owari mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit, Cubeb pepper, amyris wood, neroli, cedarwood, amber, tonkin musk


The story on Nr 3
Inspired by ancient cypress comes a modern interpretation of the chypre family. Complex in structure but simple in character. Century captivates the senses with silver birch, cypress and forest mint. Liquid myrrh is combined with vetiver, patchouli and moss. Leaving a warm mysterious alchemy of black musk and amber.


03 Century Notes
Silver birch, cypress, mint, vetiver, myrrh, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, amber


The Story on Nr 4 the newest launch…
This masculine floral will transport you to a a Jordanian desert landscape covered in blooming black iris, reavealing its dark complexion from earth to air. A foundation of wild orris root and green violet leaf absolute slowly recede, revealing the heart of Petrana. Herbaceous coriander, spicy pink pepper and deep purple cassis float above the blooms infusing luminous freshness. 


 04 Petrana Notes
Deep purple cassis, pink pepper, herbaceous coriander, black iris, violet leaf absolute, garden heliotrope, wild orris root, vetiver, white musk.



Available at Skins Cosmetics

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