Oolaboo Luxury Haircare

Oolaboo is the first professional haircare brand born of skin technology focused that nurtures the hair ‘inside  out’.

Nutrients, transported via our blood to our cells, are for 70% responsible for our skin condition. Only 30% comes from care from ‘outside’. Why focus on outside in nutrients?

Oolaboo’s principle is taking care of the inner beauty and health that is key for our ‘outer beauty’ – beautiful hair and skin. The concept is based on ‘nutricosmetics’, a combination of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.

Nutricosmetics are natural nutrients that have a positive effect on our skin, health, condition and can therefore improve skin problems. The nutraceuticals are oral nutrients (inner-beauty) and the cosmeceuticals are beauty products enriched with nutrients (outer-beauty) – cosmetics with active ingredients with higher concentration.

Product highlights

The Truffle Indulgence line is a luxurious line based on high-quality merge of white truffle, Uttwiller Spätlauber (Swiss apple), pearl powder, tomato extracts and other natural ingredients with extreme anti-aging results.

And the Essential Cocktail Program, based on a 100% natural & nutritional oil blend – purifying, renewing and soothing – provides the skin of a mix of essential oils. Are you looking for a renewal cocktail?

A combination of marula oil, macadamia oil, oil of grape pits, walnut oil and date palm oil is what you need.

These products are dedicated to world’s finest hairdressers only.

Have a look at the Saveguard Program, Ageless Program, Beauty Sleep program and more at:  www.oolaboo.com

Van Baerlestraat 148
1071 BG Amsterdam
T: 020-6644107


By Santusha Kana

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