OPI – manicures and pedicures for MEN

Men are getting more conscious every day, and of their feet in particular. As busy as men are these items are ideal as they can be used at home. Besides a professional manicure or pedicure, you can use the OPI care of your hands and feet quick and easy home care.

OPI offers a comprehensive line of hand and nail care products based on natural ingredients and botanical extracts. These products are primarily designed for professionals, so they offer high quality and professionalism.

A few highlights:

Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go

This nourishing gel contains vitamin E, avocado oil and grape seed ensures smooth, healthy cuticles. This product comes in a handy tube with a brush so it can be applied quickly and without any mess. The size of the tube it is easy to carry in your pocket.

Feet by OPI – Double Coverage

OPI Double Coverage is a nourishing foot cream. It softens the dry skin with moisturizers and emollient silicones and puts a protective layer over the foot to prevent foot problems like blisters. Botanical extracts and vitamin complex to protect the feet and odors. Yes, even during winter time. In addition, men’s feet that are will taken care off will bring a joyful smile to a woman’s face. A good reason to start moisturizing those feet! Apply this cream daily to the entire foot.

Feet by OPI – Callus File

For the real men among you, there is the Callus File. This foot file offers two types of grit to soften your feet quickly. The blue means you reduce calluses rough side in an instant, for silky smooth skin, you will work closely with the fine gray side. The Callus File is a convenient, ergonomic, easy-grip hand piece, making it ideal to use in the shower.


Happy Feet!



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