Orofluido ~ Beautiful elixir for your hair!

Orofluido elixir is a treatment that provides remarkable softness and sheen. This amazing elixir is the kind you don’t have to rinse.  

Three organic oils: Argan, Cypress and Linseed, absorb quickly and will not leave any residue on the hair, polishes and leaves it non greasy. Orofluido elixir can be used on towel dry and dry hair. Both ways work miraculously on flaky hair and makes every hair style easy to handle.

Base note: Bergamot, Orange blossom
Middle note: Red pepper, Lily of the valley
Top note: Amber, vanilla, Patchouli sandalwood

Especially the soft amber with vanilla note is amazing ……

The 100 ml elixir comes with three small 5 ml try out sizes that fit perfectly in to your beauty case when you’re on the go. Or as the message on the package says: ‘Share it with your friends’.

Have you had your beauty elixer today?



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