The ultimate getaway: Orsos the luxury moveable floating island

Orsos Islands is the ultimate getaway as a luxury floating island that has the ability to be moved and anchored anywhere in the world. An Austrian company has come up with the idea and can construct your private island in around 18 months at a price of around 5,5 million euro each.

At the moment (mid 2013) it is uncertain whether a island is already produced or it’s stuck at the pre-order interest form China, Australia, and the U.S. With accommodation for 12 guests and over 1000 square meters of living space the islands are impressive. In the market wherein billionaires spent hundreds of millions of euro’s for their own islands this sounds like a bargain.

man-made-floating-island-b1   man-made-floating-island-bo

man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-2   man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-4

man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-9   man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-12

man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-13   man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-18

man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-19   man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-21

man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-22   man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-23

man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-24   man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-25

man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-26   man-made-floating-island-boat-orsos-28

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