Oud is THE HOTTEST perfume ingredient of the moment. Byredo introduces new Eau de Perfumes, Oud Immortel and Accord Oud.

They are both created around Oud, a certain type of wood that because of its use in traditional incense and perfume has gained great cultural significance.

The founder and creator ‘ Ben Gorham’ explains:

“I had smelled Oud in India and the Middle East and was amazed by its powerful and unique character. For once I wanted to focus entirely on the raw materials itself and the objective was to create one fragrance to capture the characteristic of Oud.”

I would describe OUD IMMORTEL as a woody fragrance. The tobacco leaves and moss add depth, while incense and rosewood bring elegance.

Top notes: Lemoncello, Insence, Cardamon
Heart notes: Patchouli, Papyrus, Brazillan Rosewood
Base notes: Tabacco leaves, Moss

ACCORD OUD  has a bouquet of spices, and has beautiful composition: Cinnamon, saffron all rounded up by a black plum accord.

Top notes: Blackberry, Saffron, Rum
Heart notes: Leather Accord, Clary Sage
Base note: Patchouli, Powdery Musks

If you are truly looking for something special and unique, then do try.

Available at www.skins.nl


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