Party proof hairspray: Bumble and Bumble Holding spray

A spray that lasts. I had my introduction with this spray the night of the Miljonair Fair 2010 VIP Night. The spray locked in my hair style yet kept my hair movable and soft all night long! 

The Bumble and Bumble holding spray is excellent for locking in up do’s or fierce hair styles and suitable for all hairtypes. The spray can be used during styling with a brush, with the use of a flat iron or curl iron.. anytime.

How to use? Just check out the video and you’ll see.

How to use?: Hold about 10 inches away from hair and spritz in fluid, even strokes; when using with heat tools, separate hair  into sections and mist each one just prior to contact!


Where to buy?

US:  Amazon  UK:  Bath & Wind   HQ Hair  


& V Spa & Store          

Wie Wat Haar

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