Party-Proof with OPI Skyfall

I love every single shade of this collection, although some might be slightly easier to wear than others. The intense blue of ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ is an eye-catcher. Glitter is definitely my thing and the choice of colors in ‘The Living Daylights’ as well as the larger size of the shimmers, makes this an interesting addition. Party proof indeed.

The collection is based on the James Bond film Skyfall. The collection consists of 12 nail polishes with several themes. This collection contains six enticing colors and six bold shades. Give your nails an extra festive touch with a striking color, shiny gold or glitter or opt for The Living Daylights lacquers. This gives a pretty shiny effect as it contains glitter.


OPI – The Man With The Golden Gun

The new must-have among the polishes is The Man with the Golden Gun 18k top coat, the perfect look for parties. Apply this coat with transparent pieces of 18K gold leaf on one of your favorites from the Skyfall collection.

How to apply:

First use an OPI nail base coat followed by 2 coats of your Skyfall polish. When the nail polish is completely dry apply ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ nail polish. But first: Hold it upside down for 10 seconds so that the gold particles adhere well to the brush. Apply one or two coats, depending on the intensity.

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