Patyka Cleansing Trio – for healthy skin

As we all know you can wear all the makeup you want, but if your skin cleansing routine is a disaster you’re skin will catch up with you in the end. So, that said you might want to follow these steps to get your skin condition in tip top shape.

During a trip to Japan the Patyka team discovered the intriguing beauty ritual that explains the beautiful skin of Japanese women. It’s called layering. Starting with layering in your cleansing routine the Radiant Ritual Cleansing removes impurities and contains anti-aging properties.  Remember that the way you apply it is important in achieving optimal results.

Step 1: Remarquable Cleansing Oil
The cleansing ritual begins with an oil massage that purifies the skin, improving the flow of oxygen and an anti-aging effect. Sesame and Rosehip Oil refines the skin texture, while the oils derived from apricot and hazelnut will deep cleanse the skin.

Step 2: Delicate Cleansing Foam
The second step is foaming. Next to cleansing the Delicate Cleansing Foam protects and stimulates cell renewal. It contains raspberry water (for recovery) and orange blossom water (for balance). The foam is supposed to be applied in circular, no rubbing.

Step 3: Smoothing Revitalizing Toner
The Smoothing Revitalizing Toner is the final step in the ritual. It softens and refines the skin with damas duckweed and orange blossom water. Also it contains lifting and anti-aging ingredients. Now, you’re skin is fully prepped and prepared for your daily or nighttime regime. Bring it on.

The results: The skin looks clean and healthy, feels pretty damn soft and the skin tone more even.

Have a marvelous day.

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