Pro Beauty interview with MUA Piet Droge

Piet DrogePiet Droge is a requested make-up artist in the Netherlands.It is a great pleasure to work with her. I interviewed her about her beauty rituals.

Make-up artist ‘ Pro Beauty’ beauty questions:

MOYM: How long have you been in the cosmetic/ beauty industry?
PD:  12 years

MOYM: What project are you working on at the moment?
PD: I am taking a time-out at the moment.

MOYM: What is your personal beauty ritual?
PD: eyelash curler/mascara/pinkish blush & natural lipgloss

MOYM: Which make-up products you can’t you live without?
PD: The same items as I use for my personal beauty ritual.

MOYM: Which designers or photographers have you worked with?
PD: Paul Bellaart/Carmen Kemmink / Marc de Groot/ Jouke Bos and many more

MOYM: Are there Laura Mercier products you love working with? Name three:
PD: golden mosaic / eye creams / eyebrow products

MOYM: Name 3 easy to apply make-up tricks for every day women.
PD: -highlight cheekbones with natural lipgloss
-chose a bright & fresh colour of blush, apply just on the center of the cheek
-apply eye kohl only in outer corner of the upper eyelid

MOYM: Are there products you are crazy about, and not (yet) available in Europe?
PD: Not at the moment.

MOYM: Where do you want to be in three to five years?
PD: have my own makeup line 😉

MOYM: If there was only one thing you could take on holiday, what would that be?
PD: cream blush!

Make-up by Piet 1  Make-up by Piet2

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