Pro Beauty interview with MUA Vera Dierckx

Vera Dierckx on the one of the most requested make-up artist in Belgium. It is a great pleasure to work with her. I interviewed her about her beauty rituals.

Make-up artist ‘ Pro Beauty’ beauty questions:

MOYM: How long have you been in the cosmetic/ beauty industry?
VD: About 15 years                                                                                                     

MOYM: What project are you working on at the moment?
VD: I am working on different projects.
A personal project I am working on is a beauty shoot; I will use different colours of bath salts;on the skin. I am the first victim this weekend to see if there are no allergic reactions; also an important aspect.                      

MOYM: What is your personal beauty ritual?
VD: In the evening the cleansing part, I love make-up but I also love to take it of . Favorite ritual is putting on the cremes.

MOYM: Which make-up products you can’t you live without?
VD: Eyecreme’s and mascara!

Vera Dierckx 3

MOYM: Which designers or photographers have you worked with?
Photographers: Driu and Tiago, David Hamilton, Marcel van der Vlugt, Luc Praet, Serge Leblon, Christian Aschman, Philippe Biancotto, Lalo Gonzalez, Eugenio Recuenco…
Designers: Viktor & Rolf, Tim Van Steenbergen, Ann Demeulemeester…

MOYM: Are there Laura Mercier products you love working with? Name three:
VD: Concealers,  secret camouflage, brow powders duo’s, mineral cheek powders.

MOYM: Name 3 easy to apply make-up tricks for every day women.
– mix the foundation with a bit of daycream on the palm of your hand  to get a smoother effect
– if you’re putting on mascara, use a normal one all over, take a really thick one to put in the corners; the eye will look even more open
– eyebrows, they are very important to me: fill them in with a brow powder, use the same tone as your eyebrow but certainly not darker, to give them a natural effect, dark will make too severe.

MOYM: Are there products you are crazy about, and not (yet) available in Europe?
VD:  I don’t know, I am crazy of all the products of Laura Mercier!

MOYM: Where do you want to be in three to five years?
VD: If I can keep on doing what I am doing now, I am a happy person, maybe I will try to find an agency in London or even New York, who knows…
My job is my passion, and I have a good mix in photojobs between editorial and commercial jobs; that’s very important, to find that balance.

MOYM: If there was only one thing you could take on holiday, what  would that be.
VD: Mascara!
Vera Dierckx_1830      Vera dierckx 2

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