Pro Beauty interview with MUA Yvonne Nusdorfer

Yvonne NusdorferYvonne Nusdorfer is a requested make-up artist in the Netherlands. It is a great pleasure to work with her. Yvonne graduated in make-up at Mieke Petiet and did her special effects at the MUD (Make-up Designary School Hollywood) in Berlin. I interviewed her about her beauty rituals.

Make-up artist ‘ Pro Beauty’ questions:

MOYM: How long have you been in the cosmetic/ beauty industry?
YN:  15 years

MOYM: What project are you working on at the moment?
YN: Mostly fashion photo-shoots for magazines and runway-shows.

MOYM: What is your personal beauty ritual?
YN: The three most important things are cleaning, cleaning and cleaning! That’s the way to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful. That’s where it begins. Even when I come home from a party or I’m just very tired at night, I always push myself to clean my face.
I have to scrub my face at least once a week and then use a quality mask. That also relaxes me so it’s a nice ritual.

MOYM: Which make-up products you can’t you live without?
YN: Cover cream, mascara, blush and lip balm…

MOYM: Which designers or photographers have you worked with?
YN: I worked together with Ellis Faas for some of the big designers like Georgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Fendi, Calvin Klein, Victor & Rolf, Alexander McQueen, Versace, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, D+G and Roberto Cavalli.
The great thing about working a this level is the amount of professionalism. You can learn so much and even though it’s a lot of hard work, it’s worth it.
In the Netherlands I’ve worked closely with Percy Irausquin, a designer who unfortunately died at a very young age. I’ve also worked with several ‘underground’ designers which is very rewarding because their creative energy is very high and often explosive. This gives me the opportunity to design extreme and very creative make-ups which gives me a lot of energy as well!
MOYM: Are there Laura Mercier products you love working with? Name three:
YN: Secret Camouflage                                                                                                        Lipstain for your cheeks                                                                                                                               Mineral Illuminating powder
Brow Definer…

Yvonne Nusdorfer

MOYM: Name 3 easy to apply make-up tricks for every day women.
YN: The expression on your face comes from two places; your eyebrows and your lips, so pay attention to these parts. Some people inadvertently let their make-up point their eyebrows and lips down. This will give them a sad or even angry look.
– For long lasting, kissable lips you should use a non greasy lip pencil all over your lips. You can put lipstick on top. For even a more stay-on effect, use another thin layer of lip pencil.
– Even if you are more of a natural type, use some blush to give yourself a more healthy and fresh appearance. Add a little blush on your cheekbones and eyes with a big brush, applying a little powder softly over the whole area above your eyes from eyelid or crease till your brows. Of course it will also work out nicely with cream blush.

MOYM: Are there products you are crazy about, and not (yet) available in Europe?
YN: In the past you had to buy everything when you were abroad. Nowadays If it’s not available in Europe, I’ll just order it online.

MOYM: Where do you want to be in three to five years?
YN: Hopefully combining a freelance career with my own make-up school.

MOYM: If there was only one thing you could take on holiday, what would that be?
YN: Hmm… Cover cream or mascara… Cover cream or mascara…. Well, the winner is cover cream!

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