Protect your hair colour with Alterna Bamboo UV+

Alterna Bamboo UV+ gives a solution to the familiar tendency of the hair colour that fades due to hair washes and exposure to the sun. The Alterna Bamboo UV+ products protects your hair from fading by using a state-of-the-art UV blocking technology which gives maximum protection.

In the basics this new collection consists of Bamboo Variant Color Shampoo, bamboo Variant Color Conditioner and Bamboo Deep Hydration Masque. Important to know is that all these products are 100% made of sustainable ingredients that are both biological and Eco-certified and sulfate- and sodium-free.

 The combination of a total natural formula and a thorough cleansing results in a strong, healthy and colorful hair. My favorite is the Bamboo Fade-Proof Fluide, a spray of pure Organic Bamboo Extract and Kalahari Melon that gives your hair weightless protection against UVA and UVB and… beautiful shine. 


By Santusha Kana

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