Pure Pre-Summer Treatment at Pure Cosmetics

Pure_Cosmetics_logoAs the weather is not what it’s supposed to be and I am continuously juggling between work, family, friends and myself, I thought it would be perfect to have some ‘me-time’. I decided to visit one of my favourite spa’s after a long time: Pure Cosmetics.

The new beauty salon of Pure Cosmetics is located in the new area of Haarlem, recently awarded with ‘Best Shopping Center 2013’. The interior of this new location is modern and pieaceful.

I spoiled myself with the Pure Pre-Summer Treatment. While enjoying my cup of tea and the latest Marie Clare edition, I started with an OPI cosmetic pedicure treatment. Having your feet floating in warm water, scrubbed, massaged and nourished feels heavenly after a long day. The treatment includes OPI Gel Colour. I chose Chihuahua Bites as his color always works.


After the pedicure, you enjoy a 1,5 hour body wrap and massage and 20 minutes relaxation in a large herbal-hydro massaga bath.

Just to give an impression of the flower honey body wrap: honey contains of several sugars and minerals that nurtures the skin. The skin is rejuvenated and nourished as this wrap acts as a natural scrub and drainage.

After 2 hours treatment, your skin is inresistably soft, glows beautiful and you feel as if you just came back from a summer vacation. And not to forget, polished toes.


The Pure Pre Summer Treatment of 2 hours and 45 minutes (€90) includes:
– OPI cosmetic pedicure with gel color
– body scrub
– back massage
– body wrap (chocolat, honey, relaxing oil or aloe vera)
– 20 minutes herbal-hydro massage bath

Spoil yourself with this Pure Pre Summer Treatment at Pure Cosmetics Haarlem.

Visit: purecosmetics.nl

By Santusha Kana

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