Puro Conservatorium & Beauty shopping at Conservatorium Amsterdam

What I like about the Conservatorium hotel is the diversity of the possibilities while visiting and exploring. It’s like your wandering around in a picture perfect atmosphere. You can shop till you drop, and all staff is most willing and able. For the best beauty buys you go to Skins Cosmetics naturally. You’ll find my favourite candles by Diptyque, the full cosmetic range from the flawless face queen: Laura Mercier, and much more. From what I’ve heard the Meraki hairdresser is definitely worth a visit, and he’s mouth-watering good when it comes to hair up do’s for a night out.

After all this self-indulging, pampering and perfect hair you’ll want to eat. And what better way than to start your evening with a dinner tour at Puro Conservatorium. No need to fly over to Spain, you’ll find all the original Spanish dishes at the Brasserie for 43 days from the 1st of July. Opt for a culinary or a Spanish wine tasting.

Getting the hang of it? You might want to try a cooking workshop or learn how to make gazpacho while you’re at it. Where I am? You’ll see me cooling down from the heat with Licor 43 a.k.a. ‘Cuarenta Y Tres’ with lots of ice, freshly squeezed lemon, and orange on the side while wearing my own favourite perfume cocktail Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri mixed with Escentric Molecules. Yes, we do love a cocktail or two.

Cuarenta Y Tres
Cuarenta Y Tres




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