Reintroduction of Makeup studio – professional makeup

I had the opportunity to rediscover Makeup store during a press event. Through my profession as a makeup artist I am quite familiar with the range. The nice thing is; today I actually saw the makeup studio range in a whole different perspective. You might think these products are extremely pigmented therefore for professional use only.

Well, they’re not. Foundations are hydrating and contain an SPF 8. The base coat a.k.a. primer will give the skin the dewy complexion it needs, prior to the foundation application. You can mix and match as a true professional.

Makeup store is available in over 4o countries and counting. Soon Makeup store will be launching a standalone store in the Netherlands, where you can book a makeup session, a masterclass or a professional workshop. I am looking forward to the series of new products and looks that will be launched. You will be able to find the complete range of makeup, makeup cases and brush holders, makeup chairs, every kind of false eyelash you can think of…

New items in the collection :

The cute eyeliners have a metallic effect, adding that extra sparkle.
Available in: Sparkling Black, Sparkling Brown, and Sparkling green. All brushes from the Nero collection are of high quality. These brushes come in two sizes and are perfect for applying and blending the creme foundation onto the skin.

The light velvet foundation is a easy to apply cream to powder foundation. Now also available for darker toned skin. The nice thing? You don’t have to us a finish or as I call it’ A topcoat’!


I love the long wear eye pencils, the amazing range of brushes and eyeshadows.

The blush feels a little on the chalky side, so I would not recommend these to anyone with a dry skin tone. On the other hand, use a primer, or layer the powder blush on top of a crème blush. Lipstick’s are full and creamy, and there are a lot of lip products to choose from. Happily all makeup studio’s products are Hypoallergenic.


Have fun being your own creative artist.

In Amsterdam Makeup studo is sold at Backstage

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