Rejuvenation for your hair: Scalp treatment

Healthy and thick hair means taking care of your scalp.   As we get older the production of keratin reduces which causes dry hair as vitamins and minerals are absorbed less effectively.

How to prevent it?

– Try to lower the frequency of heat styling as it leads to keratin depletion.
– Use a scalp treatment weekly and a Scalp Renew once every 4-6 weeks
– Use a repair or hydrating masque at least once a week
– Not the easiest, but effective: reduce stress!

The skin and scalp have important similarities: just as it necessary to remove dead skin cells of your face, you also need to remove dead skin from your scalp as it allows new hair growth.  Removing build-up around hair follicles helps the regeneration of your skin surface.


Take good care of your scalp as it is the basis of beautiful hair!

By Santusha Kana

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