Ren – No 1 Purity cleansing balm (is back)

No 1 Purity cleansing balm is back in stock!

This rose infused  miracle cleansing balm is one of my favorites among cleansers. It gently but thoroughly melts dirt and make-up including waterproof mascara. The cleansing balm leaves the skin purified, calm and glowing. Also it conditions the lashes and brow. This balm can really make a difference to your skin. The formula has improved. The packaging  has been upgraded and includes a complimentary muslin cloth.

How to use:

Rub between the palms of the hands. Then massage over a dry face a neck for one or two minutes. Add a little warm water to emulsify into a rich milk. Sweep over closed eyes to remove make up, including eye makeup. Dampen enclosed cloth and wipe off the balm with gentle strokes. Finally rinse the skin with water, and voila.., beautiful  and bright looking skin!

It’s time to start believing in miracles…….

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