Ren Clean Skincare had a makeover and launches Crème Riche

My all-time favourite Ren products had a Moroccan inspired makeover. When it comes  to the Moroccan Rose series this is as soothing as it gets. Did you know that more than 10.000 rose leaves are used in the Moroccan Rose Bath Oil, and that rose oil I more precious than gold? If you’re wondering why if it’s so expensive to make they still do it? If you’ve ever smelled pure rose oil you’ll know that it is intoxicating and pure.

Now you can indulge with the newest addition to the Moroccan Rose range: Crème Riche. This soufflé body crème hydrates the skin with bio extracts from Rose Otto oil from Morocco, Camellia oil, and really smells like fresh roses. All this goodness helps to stimulate collagen production.

What are you waiting for?

Ren Moroccan Oil series | Creme Riche 200 ml € 42

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