Estee Lauder – Double wear ‘Stay in place’ foundation SPF 10

As a makeup artist I loving reviewing makeup, naturally. I have tried and tested the Estee  Lauder double wear – Stay in place- foundation on several oaccasions and this is what I found:

When I applied it I used two different Laura Mercier primer underneath; the hydrating and the radiance version in the mix. A perfect and highly recommended preparation before applying any foundation.

If you would choose not to use a primer I’m afraid you will find it a little on the dry side. I love a dewy, radiant looking effect, and would recommend wearing this product during summer months as is has the tendency to stay matte, (read; stay in place) all day, well up to the moment that at the end of the day my skin felt a little tight. The texture is quite thin and translucent looking which is quite fortunate if your skin allows it.

It contains all the skincare benefits needed throughout a day.  if you love a matte foundation this is perfect. If you have oily skin the same. If your skin is combination to dry this is not the foundation for you as it will dry out the skin during the day.


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