Rodial crash diet!

Dying to loose weight? Is there a special occasion, and you really wanted to be able to get into that perfectly gorgeous, little dress?

Don’t panic, because Rodial just launched three fabulous new products. Meet Rodial’s crash diet, your ultimate weight loss buddy. Follow this two weeks schedule, and get back in shape in no time!

Step 1: smooth your way to a firmer and slimmer silhouette with crash diet, a gel scientifically proven to help break down stubborn fat build up by promoting drainage and reducing fluid retention in the body.



Use morning and night throughout the two-week crash diet plan to enhance your weight loss. A body gel that gives quick results when used as part of a weight loss program. Scientifically proven results in 2 weeks.


Step 2: drink your way to a faster metabolism. Fancy sipping your way to a faster metabolism and draining excess water retention and burning fat at the same time? Introducing crash diet sticks, draining and fat burning dietary supplements with a delicious peach tea flavor.


These miracle sticks are rich in guarana, green coffee extract and green tea, helping to boost metabolism and speed up fat burning. Ash tree and cactus fruit have diuretic properties, helping the body to rid itself of excess water retention. A pack of Crash Diet Sticks contains 14 sticks. The idea is to take 1-2 sticks a day for two weeks.


Step 3: Crash diet smoothie, is a low-calorie protein shake. Banana and strawberry flavored meal replacement smoothies should help sustain energy and keep the hunger away.
Each crash diet™ SMOOTHIE sachet contains a nutritionally balanced combination of protein and antioxidants.



A together this should help you lose weight when taken in conjunction with crash diet™ STICKS and body gel, Don’ t forget to have a healthy diet, and a lot of exercise. Sitting on a lounge suite with a smoothie in one hand a fried potatoes in the other will probably not work.

Have fun!

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