Rodial launches Chin and Neck Lift

Rodial keeps going, we can lift every part of the body now.  Introducing a ground-breaking gel that sculpts, firms and lifts the chin and neck! Not bad when you get to a certain age  and body parts may start sagging.

As we can expect from Rodial, the chin and neck lift contains essential amino acids which hydrate to firm and strengthen the skin while promoting elasticity and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles all in one.

This innovative formula offers an immediate firming and lifting effect, sculpting the neckline for a visibly smoother and younger looking chin and neck.

What Rodial Chin and Neck Lift promises:

Fat collections around the chin and neck are reduced and lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone appear reduced. Your skin will feel smoother and firmer, for a younger looking chin and neck.

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