Rodin by Recine ~ luxury hair oil

Created by hairstylist Bob Recine, this unique elixir is both universal and hardworking. Bob Recine created hairstyles and head ornaments for Henri Bendel. His work caught the eye of Jean Louis David who gave him the opportunity to go to Paris to hone his craft and sharpen his skills. After building his portfolio, working with top photographers and magazines, he brought his talent and vision home to New York.

Luxury hair oil Rodin by Recine is a blend of eight essential oils – a perfect hair care.
It contains apricot oil fused with calendula, sweet almond, jojoba and sunflower oil.

Recine:’ A hairstyle is the ultimate expression of individuality’.

General application: Begin with two drops of oil, warmed by rubbing your hands together, and apply from the ends of your hair towards the roots. You can use this product on wet or dry hair, depending on what style you wish to achieve.

I love this hair oil as it leaves my hair more lustrous and smelling gorgeous, and it is residue free.


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