Rosa Arctica Youth generating cream by Kiehl’s


Kiehl’s continues to build on the extensive experience of pharmaceutical and botanical knowledge, introducing Rosa Arctica, an advanced anti-aging cream by the Kiehl’s scientists with one of the world’s rarest and most resilient plants.

The active ingredient of Rosa Arctica, is 10 000 years old and was reported to have survived the Ice Age. The plant has been extensively studied by botanists for its ability to last longer than any other plant . Hailing from the apparently arid Rhodopes Mountains of Bulgaria, the plant can dry out to the point of appearing dead. 

More impressively, the  little flower can spend up to thirty-one months in this state of waterless suspended animation, then with relatively little water, it can revive and return to a state of normal growth.  It’s secret lies in the flower’s ability to hoard water within the cell. 

When used in the cream, the Rosa Arctica extract promises to lend a little of that cell-reviving power to parched skin. By a large percentage of this rare ingredient the skin is actively protected against future signs of aging and works positively to help boost the vitality of skin cells.

Therefore Rosa Arctica will help your skin to improve the appearance off loss of firmness, lines and wrinkles. A perfect cream to start with this coming fall, leaving formally dry mature skin firmer, smoother and much softer.

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