Rouge Allure new lipcolor range by Chanel fall 2012

Rouge Allure explores a new range of colors that are more intense than before. The formula is en­riched with moisturizing and antioxidant agents, such as sweet almond oil, sappan wood and green tea. Six new reds, two new beige colors, three pinks, two oranges and three browns.

If you’re feeling fierce, opt for the inimitable, an intense, irresistible red with pearly reflections. If you’re hesitating to invest in a red lipstick, stick with a red with a blue undertone like Pirate, a slightly bluish red. Take a few years off with a orange color like Enjoueé, a fresh, energizing coral pink. Don’t forget to check out the four new complementing lippencils.

And remember, a lipstick is never innocent and is much more than just a beauty step. Elegant or provocative, lips dress up to reveal their intentions, marking a presence, a difference and an attitude, expressing the personalities of all women. What’s your intention, and what do you want to express? Press once and it reveals itself in just one sexy click, reinventing seduction.


Le Vernis
For a matching makeover, Rouge Allure is coordinated with Chanel’s iconic nail polishes:
Beige, a universal and iconic shade. Holiday a gorgeously intense and sophisticated coral,
Coromandel, a timeless and extremely feminine orange-red. Pirate, the must-have flamboyant red, to match the blueish undertone lipstick. And off course, the deep, mysterious and inimitable Rouge Noir.


The Click. The Red. The Allure.

In stores from september 2012

Have fun!

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