Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel

The new lip shine by CHANEL is innovative with its lip-embracing texture. Without thinking about it, application is simple, and the colors illuminate your smile. It lights up natural makeup and enlivens your smile with its vibrant shades.

Very comfortable and satiny, it glides over lips and claims its place as the classic. With ROUGE COCO SHINE, the pleasure of applying makeup offers sparkle and more lightness.

ROUGE COCO SHINE melts into your lips, it has a soft and melt-away texture and becomes fluid on the lips, thanks to a blend of wax and plant-based *Phytosterol derivatives chosen for their ability to melt into the skin. On your lips, its singular melt-away texture creates a natural shine.

Because the lips are more beautiful and softer when they are perfectly hydrated, the ROUGE COCO SHINE formula contains the Hydra tender complex. It ensures immediate and optimal hydration up to 8 hours non-stop. As if caressed with balm, the lips are smooth and perfectly plumped.

Inspired by the historic CHANEL lipstick, ROUGE COCO comes in a case with simplified lines, in black metal trimmed with a golden ring. It comes in 25 fresh and vibrant semi-sheer shades, revealed by the use of pure pigments.
Shiny and elegant, the lips initiate a new idea of sensuality, full of lightness.

* Phytosterol are derived from vegetable oils. It can be formulated into cosmetics such as skin creams, lipsticks, soap and hair care products. They are white powders with mild, characteristic odor, insoluble in water and soluble in alcohols,and have applications in medicine and cosmetics and as a food additive.
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