How do you get those ultimate SATC smokey eyes and perfect pout?

Start by using an eyebasic. This will ensure your perfectly applied smokey eye all day.
Build the depth of the colour such as dark grey, mauve or purple’s. Start with the darkest colour first, so you can blend in lighter colours as go along. To achieve that perfect blend have a second, slightly lighter colour ready to be applied at the inner corner of the eyes. Then the highlighter….

When applying a highlighter try to avoid a frosty colour. This will pull the brow bone forward. A well chosen highlighter emphasizes the eyes, and balances the smokey eye.
Have your angled eye brush ready, to blend away. You want a smooth looking smokey, and not a build up of colours.

Define the eyes with a strong liner application along the top lash only, ending in an upward, sweeping point. Always add multiple coats of mascara.

Apply a sheer and sophisticated lipcolour or stain for the perfect pout, use the same colour for the cheeks, and voila!
You’re all glammed up for your SATC night out.


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