Sensai intensive care system

Sensai intensive care just might have your skin glowing coming season. You might still go on holiday or, just returned from your summer holiday break. Time to give the skin the boost it deserves to prep and primer for fall. Does your skin feel dry or irritated? Not to worry.

The intensive care products of Sensai Cellular Performance are perfect when the skin condition is low. They help recharge fatigued & troubled skin by stimulating energy metabolism for all your cell functions. Also these products claim to offer instant & noticeable improvement in skin condition.

The Advanced Recovery Concentrate is a  luxurious, fast absorption serum helps rejuvenate skin. Intensely replenishes skin with essential ingredients. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. Also the skin does appear mush softer and smoother.

Do you prefer a cream instead? This luxurious anti –ageing cream will boost the skin. Even though it’s a cream it will penetrate quickly and won’t leave any residue. The results? A smooth yet radiant finish.
 Now when you’re at it, do not forget the eye area.

I tend to think this is one the most important parts as it says a lot about you. The Intensive Recovery Concentrate serum has a refined, texture for our delicate eye area. It helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

If you think these items will not do the trick? Then you can always opt for the special, 14-day hyper-intensive program. Hydration to the max. Recovery Concentrate Ampoule is 10 more active than the other Intensive Care  products.

As the products come with a high price, make sure you are advised well before you purchase this range.

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