Result driven Silky Purifying Face Cleansers by Sensai

Japanese are a big fan of cleansers, and I to love a result driven cleanser. I was quite excited to try the new cleansers from Japanese brand Sensai. Cleaning your face twice a day is the most important thing when it comes to your beauty ritual. Applying a fresh morning make-up or night cream works so much better on a thoroughly cleansed face.

The Silky Purifying cleansing balm has a creamy and balmy texture, but when working it into a lather it changes into an oil that hydrates the skin and in the meantime get’s rid of dirt. A lot of people love a foam cleanser because it’s a quick and pretty efficient cleanse. It’s rich yet soft, making it a cleanser that can be used on all skin types.

If you want to choose between both cleansers, and wear (heavier) make-up on a daily basis I would recommend using the balm instead of the foaming  face wash. I find this last version more ideal in the morning, while taking a shower or to rinse away light weight make-up. Use them both, first the balm (nr.1), then the foam (nr.2) for the ultimate Sensai cleansing experience.


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